TSE Spring 2020 Ready-to-Wear Style & Fashion Trend Breakdown


The TSE Spring 2020 Ready-to-Wear collection presents fashion in a classic feminine minimalism; meeting androgyny in shapes and designs that have a sexless sensuality. The collection showcases effortless style, in a relaxed and soft environment; theoretically meant to embrace the naturalness of beauty, and impressive self-expression. The collection is professional and simple; versatile and basic. Each piece featured offers potential for a variety of environments, personalities, and style aesthetics.

The pieces featured exist across a neutral and muted tone color scheme, featuring primarily black and white, and beige tones, with touches of soft blue and the occasional burnt orange piece. Soft, flowing fabrics imitate organic shapes and silhouettes, occasionally complimented with geometric prints. Knits are also heavily featured in the collection, in subtle and simple pieces. The central focus of the collection is the understated elegance of the pieces, with not even the elements of a heavy beauty or accessorizing statement to distract from the clothing.

Superdry (US)
Miranda Lauren