Where I Find the Best and Most Affordable Pieces for My Fashion Closet


Fashion is one of my favorite things to take part in, and I’ve always been inspired by the silly ability to put pieces that don’t match, together, and call it style. Every time that I am shopping for style pieces, I am always drawn to unique standout items that are odd and interesting. The most unique items are always my favorite, and often inspire most of my looks and creative concepts.

I’ve shopped in all kinds of different ways for new pieces, but there is definitely one that is my absolute favorite for finding incredible items, and that also happens to be incredibly affordable: shopping secondhand.

Thrift shopping is my favorite way to find the best pieces for my closet, because there are always so many interesting pieces to be found. I’ve found myself picking up the most unique items that I had never seen before, at thrift stores. I’m obsessed with it. The “hunt” for new pieces is half of the fun, and I know that I’ll always stumble across something that I wasn’t anticipating to inspire me. To this day, a majority of my closet has been either thrifted, or picked up second-hand.

Shopping second-hand is my secret to finding cool new pieces, but I also love the added benefit that, more times than not, second-hand shopping is incredibly affordable. Most thrift shops, garage sales, and second-hand sellers will let pieces go for a little, and so you can get a lot of new pieces for a much lower price. Another little bonus is the fact that shopping second-hand benefits your community. Most thrift shops benefit charity or community in some way, and buying pieces from garage sales or second-hand sellers can benefit community members who are looking for a couple of extra bucks.

If you are looking to expand your closet with some new pieces, I highly recommend searching for thrift shops in your area, or downloading an online second-hand shopping app, like Depop.

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