Photo Diary: A Quick Trip to Colorado

I recently left Los Angles for a few weeks to visit some of my family in Colorado. I went there to help them move, and ended up casually exploring my timeline through the lens of my phone camera.

It started at the airport. I found my “casual” travel style curious, and honestly reminiscent of my genuine personal taste: a bit of edge and imperfection, with something candy-colored. The trip was purely functional, and all of the wonders were to be seen in everyday places, like the produce-aisle and the Home Depot, with design, and artistic inspiration everywhere. I was particularly intrigued by the design aesthetic seen in the mirrors, and in the interior design at the local coffee shop.

I love exploring the world with the intention of finding beauty in ordinary places. This trip was a reminder of that. I came home feeling refreshed and inspired, ready to take on what’s next, starting with: MET MONDAY!!

Superdry (US)
Miranda Lauren