Here Are My Earth Day Resolutions


Earth Day is so much like New Year’s in the sense that its a reminder for all of us to set goals, and improve ourselves in our actions and habits. I am so passionate about doing what I can to contribute in positive ways to the communities I live in. I’ve decided that I want to start recognizing Earth Day each year by setting goals for myself, and taking action to do good for the Earth and wildlife, even in small ways.

My first resolution is to start being more appreciative and aware of mother nature around me, which is so constantly filled with beauty and blessings. My next resolution is to think of, and get into the habit of doing little things throughout my day that are more conscientious of the environment, and wildlife. We are taught to be courteous of other human beings, but often forget that respect applies to how we treat the earth and its creatures as well. There are so many little things that you can do differently that really can have an impact. Things like picking up trash, avoiding disposable plastics, and using more biodegradable products are just a couple of little ways to be more respectful. My last resolution is to use my voice to share ideas with others on how they can be more conscientious of the world in life. I love the fashion and beauty industries, and there are honestly so many things I’ve learned about sustainability, conscientious consumerism, and brands (and influencers) that are taking action to sustain a healthy environment.

I can’t wait to start sharing more ideas, and I wish all of you an amazing Earth Day!

Superdry (US)
Miranda Lauren