The Best Curling Iron I've Ever Used


I’ve tried lots of curling irons throughout the years, trying to achieve effortless waves, and cute curly hairstyle looks. After searching for some time for an iron that works really well for my hair, I’ve finally found one that I really enjoy, and wanted to recommend.

The best curling iron that I’ve ever tried is from Beachwaver Co. I have two different barrel sizes that I like to use, and I enjoy both of them equally; just switching it up based on the kind of hair look that I want. The Beachwaver is my favorite for a few reasons, mainly being 1) it actually works really well on my hair in curling, and in holding the curl, 2) its super high-quality, with different temperature settings, and 3) the features on the iron make it wayyy easier to curl my hair.

I’ve had trouble getting my hair to curl, and hold a curl in the past; and so I’ve gotten into the habit of using smaller chunks of hair when styling, which takes forever. The iron that I like to use now most reminds me of the salon-grade irons that my hair colorist / stylist uses on my hair. My hair is holding curl so much better than before, with minimal usage of hair holding products, like hairsprays. The curls used to diffuse within a couple of hours on me, and now they are lasting for a couple of days (if I don’t wash). Quite honestly, the longer curl hold is probably attributed to a number of factors, including maybe some of the products that I’m using, my hair routine, and my hair health; but I definitely think that the iron is a major factor as well.

I also really love how the iron is much easier to use than classic hair curlers, or wands. In the past, I’ve liked the clamp feature on regular hair curlers for ease, but preferred the finish on wands better (which don’t have a clamp on them). The iron that I’m using now has a smaller clamp, just wide enough to grip a chunk of hair, and allows for the rest of the hair to wrap around the wand, directly on the iron. My favorite feature is a rotate button, which allows me to curl my hair around the wand, just by pressing the button. It makes the whole process so much easier and quicker for me, and I love it.

I know that there are lots of styling products and irons on the market out there, and its hard to tell which ones are worth the prices, and which ones maybe aren’t so much. I would highly recommend the Beachwaver Co. Pro Irons, based on my experience with styling my own hair: for everyday and photoshoots. I think its worth the hype, and the price, and a good investment if you frequently curl or style your hair.

T3 Micro
Miranda Lauren