Lime Crime Just Launched Their Summer Sunkissed Collection


Lime Crime has just launched their Sunkissed Collection for summertime, inspired by sunlight, warm tones, and summer heat. The collection features a number of new complexion, eye, and lip products in sunny yellow, and coral packaging. The look behind the launch is all about a natural sun-kissed glow, with pops of color and fun. Included in the launch is a face palette, an eye palette, a freckle pen, 3 liquid lipsticks, and 3 bundle options.

The Sunkissed Face Palette is a multi-use palette with bronzers, blushes, and highlights, that could also be used as eyeshadows. The palette features 6 different shades: Salty (matte bronzer), Golden Hour (yellow-gold shimmer), Sun Daze (peachy-pink shimmer), Sizzle (hot-orange matte), Malibu (light pink shimmer), and Bask (bronze shimmer). The palette is priced at $44 ($7 per powder).

The Venus XS Sunkissed Eyeshadow Palette is a mini palette featuring different shades of shadows inspired by the sunny summer color scheme. The eye palette includes 4 different shades: Rays (hot yellow matte), Bronzed (bronze shimmer), Sunset (hot orange shimmer), and Spritzer (warm beige shimmer). The palette is priced at $20 ($5 per shadow).

Included in the launch are 3 different shades of Lime Crime’s Plushies Matte Glitter Lipsticks, which are metallic-finished liquid lipsticks, each priced at $20. The shade options are: Ambrosia (petal champagne shimmer), Coco Froyo (copper-gold metallic), and Popsicle (peach-coral shimmer).

The Sunkissed Freckle Pen is a matte-brown toned pen, designed to create faux-freckles for a relaxed skin look. The pen is priced at $18.

There are also 3 different bundle variations included in the launch. The Sunkissed Collection Bundle includes the eyeshadow palette, the face palette, the freckle pen, and all 3 liquid lipstick shades, and is currently priced at $114 ($28 in savings). The Sunkissed Face Bundle includes the face palette, and the freckle pen, currently priced at $50 ($12 in savings). The Plushies Glow Sunkissed Bundle includes all three shades of liquid lipsticks, currently priced at $60 ($12 in savings).

You can now view and shop the entire collection online at

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