The Fenty Beauty #GETTINGHOTTER Summer Collection is Here


Fenty Beauty’s #GETTINGHOTTER Summer Collection is finally here, featuring lots and lots of vivid colors. Rihanna, Fenty Beauty, and some of her iconic models, and makeup artists have been teasing a colorful summer collection for the past few weeks, with tons of fresh beauty imagery. The highly-anticipated summer collection features colorful eyeliner kits, lipsticks, and is accompanied by the launch of the Pro Kiss’r Line, which is a treatment-based lip launch.

A big part of the Fenty summer collection are the multi-colored eyeliner kits. Fenty released 3 different variations of Vivid Liquid Eyeliner Trios; each kit priced at $35 ($11.67 per liner). Each kit includes 3 different shades of Fenty eyeliner to mix, match, and create fun summer looks. The Baeside kit features a muted red shade (Papaya Mama), a pastel lime-green shade (Lime Feva), and a pastel cobalt shade (Skinny Dip). The Baecae kit features a bubblegum pink shade (Hottie Alert), a white shade (Wet Tshirt), and a bright pastel yellow (Banana Blaze). The Baewatch kit features a bright grass-green shade (Hollapeno), a red-strawberry shade (Techno Beet), and a neon sky-blue shade (Hot Tub Club).

The other big part of the Fenty summer launch, is the Poutsicle Juicy Satin Lipsticks, which come in 7 different satin-finish shades. Each lipstick shade is priced at $20, and comes in a lipstick tube that matches the color of the lipstick. The shades are: Tropic Tantrum (hot pink), Hot Blooded (red), Sun Snatched (hot orange), Motorboat (bright sky blue), Go Deep (dark teal), Alpha Doll (candy / petal pink), and Purpsicle (bright purple).

In conjunction with the summer collection launch, Fenty also released 2 new lip care products as part of the Pro Kiss’r range. One of the products is their new Scrubstick, which is a lip scrub in stick form, priced at $16. The other product is a creamy lip balm, which comes with a wand applicator, and is priced at $18.

The entire #GETTINGHOTTER summer collection, along with two new Pro Kiss’r products launched earlier today, and are now available online at and

See the entire list of products featured in the launch below:

vivid liquid eyeliner trios

poutsicle juicy satin lipsticks

pro kiss’r

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