Candy Apple: Bronze Nude and Soft Pink Metallic Haze Eye Dunked in Hot Pink Gloss

Ice cream, and lip gloss, and pink candy apples…

To me, summer beauty is about playing around with color, and being inspired by fun aesthetics and muses. This makeup look was inspired by carnival candy apples, and candy-colored high-fashion beauty. See how I got this look, and a full list of the products that I used below.

I have been starting off all of my recent makeup looks with the Fenty foundation, and I’m so obsessed. I blended that into the skin, using a buffing brush, and then applied a lighter shade of concealer to the under eyes, with a small sponge. Recently, I have only been using powder under the eyes, in order to prevent creasing. I like to pack that on with a small sponge, and then let it bake. Once the powder has set for a couple of minutes, I will brush it off with a matte peach setting powder.

After I get my base down, I’ll move into the topical skin look. I like to start by bronzing the skin along the cheekbones, and bringing it up to the temples and forehead area. I wanted to keep the candy-tones cohesive throughout the look, so I used two different blush tones on the cheeks. I started by using a peachy-pink shade on the higher areas of the contour, towards my ears; and then I used a soft purple matte on the apples of the cheeks. I really wanted to achieve a glowing skin-look, and when that happens, I usually just start dipping into a bunch of different highlighters, and so I ended up using four different highlight shades on the cheekbones — a peach shade, a peach / gold shade, a glitter diamond shade, and a pink / diamond shade.

When I want a super defined and shaped brow look, I like to use a dark brow powder, on an angled brush. I will use the brush to shape out the bottom-line of the brow, and then the top line, and then fill in any empty spaces. I also usually set the brows with a brow gel.

I started off the eyes by creating a smokey shimmer nude look, and then adding the pink detailing on top of it. I used a cool-toned matte brown shadow to start defining the crease, and then grabbed a matte grey-brown to build up the crease definition, and start smoking out the lash line. I also pulled that shade along the lash line, and into the outer corner, to meet the crease. I brightened up the inner half of the eyelid space, by packing on a bronze metallic shade. I wanted to warm up the eyes, to match the toning of the pinks, and so I ran a wash of a raspberry color through the crease, and built up the outer corner smoke definition with a matte plum. I then highlighted the inner corner of the lower lash line with an electric pink shimmer shadow. I wanted to add a graphic pink texture to the eye look, so I took a blend of a couple of pink, and red liquid lipsticks, and dabbed them on the lid space in a sideways v-shape, along the eye line, and the crease. To define the lower lash line, and make it look more smokey, I applied a dark brown metallic liner in the waterline, and then smudged a vivid brown below that. I finished the eyes by applying some mascara to the top, and bottom lash line.

I started the lips by applying a dark fuchsia metallic liquid lip, and then finished the look with a glossy plum-pink lip.

See the full list of every product that I used:





T3 Micro
Miranda Lauren